Nitrocat 1250-K Air Impact Wrench

You may notice that there are mainly 2 types of impact wrenches are available; they are a pneumatic wrench and the electric impact wrench. The pneumatic wrench is also called as air compressed wrench because they will make use of compressed air to offer the operating power. Due to this, it needs an air compressor that should be large enough because they will consume lots of air. A perfect example of these types of wrenches is Nitrocat 1250-K which is a hard hitting impact tool. It is the one among the most powerful ½ inch impact tool in the air wrench category.

A Nitrocat 1250K is a tool for the users due to its good performance that performs better when compared to the other tools within the similar class. It is still better with all the power and torque, it involves a sound technology designed in order to implicitly decrease the amount of noise that is produced during working. This type of impact tool is employed with a smooth, hard hitting Twin clutch mechanism in order to give better overall performance. The hitting impact aside from being extremely is also smooth and it is highly suggested for the higher torque applications.

This type of tool relieves stress and fatigue on the user’s hand. Ensure that, as it has ergonomic handle design it will distribute the weight of the tool consistently on the user’s hand by making it well balanced. This handle also has a unique grip by making it easy to handle while you are using it. This impact tool helps to decrease the chances of dangerously exhausted particles that get into the operator’s eye and also into the lungs while breathing. This can be possible through the exhaust technology that integrates the worldwide patented and revolutionary internal filter or muffler.

Features and Specifications of Nitrocat 1250-K Air Impact Wrench


  • This 1250-K impact tool employed with the Xtreme hard hitting Twin clutch mechanism that is mainly built for high torque performance.
  • It has patented Quiet Exhaust technology in order reduce the sound while doing the work and protect the operator from the dangerous exhaust particle enter into their body.
  • As it has ergonomically designed handle and easy flip lever, it is one of the effortless to operate
  • It uses the Twin clutch mechanism and it has patented forward –reversed switch.
  • It is mainly designed for the toughest applications such as Crank Bolts.


  • This tool weighs 4.7 pounds
  • A product dimension is 7.9x 2.8 x 4.5 inches

Most of the customers have appreciated about the functionalities and performance. So many of them suggest that it is better to purchase in the Amazon because they will deliver the quality product with an affordable price.