Medicare advantage plans are benefit plans which are provided by private organisations certified by medicare. They provide extra advantages to your existing Original Medicare and almost covers all of your extra expenses. Although along with paying the advantage premium price you also need to pay the medicare plan B premium as well. Find medicare advantage plans to enroll.

  1. AARP Medicare Advantage (HMO-POS)

The plan has a fabulous five-star rating, and has been reviewed by more than 100 people and is one of the most popular plans available in the market. The plan takes no charge for the primary doctor visit and a very minimal charge for a specialist. It also covers the Part D of your medicare, that is the prescription drug. It cashes a deductible amount of $255 for prescription drugs. The plan also covers no cost skilled nursing facility for up to 100 days.


  1. Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Choice Plus (PPO)

With a $0 monthly premium, the choice plus plan provides various added benefits and has a wide range of physicians, doctors, and specialists in its network. This plan also offers prescription drugs and assigns a deductible amount of $435. The plan covers a wide range of tests both lab as well as therapeutic services. It also provides cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services. However, there is a trade-off at the out-of-pocket maximum limit.


  1. Amerivantage Classic

The plan provides huge savings and is honestly an underrated one. It has a very reasonable out-of-pocket maximum limit of $2500. It provides inpatient hospital services as well at $0, day six onwards. A major advantage of the classic plan is it supports transportation services as well. This means that the plan covers all of the expenses you have to incur while visiting the doctor or a hospital. It also provides additional services like dental, vision, fitness centres,and much more.


  1. Wellcare TexanPlus Classic (HMO)

The plan does not have an annual deductible amount. With a $0 premium charge, you don’t even have to pay for a visit to your primary doctor. The plan also takes care of all of your transportation expenses. It provides occupational therapy services, physical therapy, and speech therapy services as well. However, the plan wouldn’t pay for services or doctors that you would use out of their network.


  1. Cigna HealthSpring Advantage (PPO)

The plan has a network of doctors, pharmacies, specialists, and other service providers. If you use their in-network services you would pay much less. However, if you want to use outside facilities you can and the expenses would be covered accordingly. They provide a wide range of dental and vision benefits, much more than any plan available. However, you have to pay more for your doctor’s visit as compared to other plans.