Best Cordless Impact Wrench Buying Guide 2017

A cordless impact wrench aid both professionals as well as amateurs to work effectively and efficiently to get the task done within a short span of time precisely. This cordless impact wrench buying guide covers all the basic of this particular tool including its working criterion and features.

The current modern day technology has given us a number convenience to make our lives much easier, efficient, and time-saving particularly with the mechanical tool appliances. It’s up to you to make the most out of these advancements and stay up to date with these latest electronic gadgets and its functionalities. Initially, you need to figure out what actually this new technology is all about and how it helps in home improvement. One such hi-tech power saving tool is cordless impact wrench which is also known as an air gun. It helps you in a number of tasks like fixing your car, constructing a swing set or tightening the bicycle fork and in other such work you can take benefit of a better cordless impact wrench and step into this 21st-century era.

A cordless impact wrench is one of the, latest development in the current market, which doesn’t need to be connected to any air compressor in order to gain power. Especially for the people working in the mechanical industry with the work of auto repair and maintenance, remodeling task, or product assembly, consider impact wrench as it can help you to accomplish the task more successfully, efficiently within a short span of time.

Portable and powerful features of cordless impact wrench

Nowadays cordless impact wrench has become a great addition to any workplace. They have the capability of removing any fastener which they come across. When it comes to the matter of strength, air impact wrenches have a greater advantage. Though it cordless impact wrench may not replace a pneumatic wrench, yet it is a great addition to the toolkit along with an air compressor or the power cord.

There are certain battery-powered impact wrenches in the market as well as in online. Prior to buying ensure that the item you are going to buy is going to meet your power requirements and budget. They can range maximum from 12V to 24 V batteries. Most times, the higher battery voltage will allow you to make more torque rather than a lower voltage tool.

On the other hand, it’s always essential to verify the torque rating of the impact wrench that you are searching for and compare it with other models of the same price range. Additionally, another vital aspect to consider is a variable speed trigger or the torque setting. This allows you to have control over the torque that you are applying. On the other hand, without any sort of control over the torque amount, it’s quite easy to snap head portion of the bolt that you are installing or any sort of damage caused by the equipment that you are working with.

In case, if the impact cordless wrench doesn’t have torque setting, then no need to worry. There are various options like torque sticks. They are installed between the socket and the wrench and also allow a certain amount of fastener to be applied to the fastener. If space is considered as an issue, then another tool which can be used in this regard is the angle head impact wrench to reach the areas which are quite difficult for others. They usually don’t have the power of full-size impact. Actually, they are designed for tighter areas and are available handy while working with trucks and cars.

3 vital factors to consider while choosing the best cordless impact wrench

As mentioned earlier, a cordless impact wrench can be a great addition to the toolbox, but on the other side choosing a wrong one can make the purchase pretty much useless. The wrong selection can be either something which is not able to power the one which is required. Remember, it’s not too bad if you get the torque of variable torque and bulkier one. The underpowered wrench is quite worse and makes the tool very much useless.

While buying a cordless impact wrench, the most vital aspect to consider is the power. The main aim of using impact wrench is to loosen the tough nuts and bolts. If you are not having sufficient power, then you will be left with an over-sized ratchet.

With the cordless impact wrench, power supply comes from the battery and volt is the key specification here. It’s not good to have more volts as well. If you are pretty much concerned about the size of the cordless impact wrench, then you will have to look for the batteries with much fewer volts.

For some people having a charger which quickly charges your battery is pretty much essential. In the case of higher end cordless impact wrench, it will have chargers and battery gets full within 5minute. In the case of some older chargers, it is necessary to charge for about 3 hours. On the other scenario, if you are using a cordless impact wrench for much longer duration of time or if you are on brisk schedule and can’t afford time for charging batteries, then you will have to consider how fast battery can charge.

Finally, when it comes to choosing batteries, ensure to choose lithium ion batteries having higher energy density rather than nickel-based batteries, meaning you can have the same amount of power within the smaller package. Lithium ion batteries are pretty much expensive. If you are buying a higher cordless impact wrench it comes along with lithium ion batteries and it won’t affect the wrench that you are buying. But if you are looking for the older impact wrench, the difference just lies in the battery capacity. If you are buying a brand new cordless impact wrench, then make sure to check its power capacity (in terms of volts), what to consider in a charger and what the actual difference between various types of batteries are.

By using a cordless impact wrench, it’s possible and quite easy to dispense along with the air hose and the air compressor. It gives you the freedom to move quickly and conveniently around the workshop. In fact, it’s quite easy to use comfortably. These tools look more like that of a traditional cordless drill and use a battery for power. In order to apply for the proper amount of torque, it’s necessary to have a much greater control.

There are immense numbers of cordless impact wrench designed to suit everyone’s need depending upon their budgetary requirements of the individual. Most of the manufacturer’s designed wide array of tools ranging from cheap weekend tools which are designed for occasional purposes by using professional quality air guns. The initial outlay for a cordless impact wrench seems very high when it is compared to traditional items. It is essential to consider that without the need for full power air compressor, the entire purchase of the system is much lower and will be more affordable to the people as well and thus makes it accessible for residential purposes as well.

Significant features of impact wrench

The physics principles and mechanization are pretty much same for almost every product even though they vary in their models. Some of the most common features of the best cordless impact wrench are as mentioned below-

  • Power source

Depending upon the type of power source used, cordless impact wrenches are classified into three major categories. They are electricity, compressed air, and hydraulics. Compressed air and electricity are widely used in the field of construction as well as in automotive mechanical work, whereas hydraulics is used in the heavy industrial work.

    1. Compressed air

This type of wrench is commonly used in the car shops. It has air tank fitted on one side by providing them with the compressed air. Using a compressed air is very much powerful and the way you connect it to an impact wrench is completely a natural fit. Another major benefit of using these wrenches is, compressed air is very light weight and there is no need to carry batteries or motor to generate power. But you need to have a complete air tank.

    1. Electricity

They are not as powerful as that of compressed air, yet they are not bad either. It is available handy when you don’t have air tank available around you. They are suitable for many smaller jobs or for those who are working in their home workshop wherein it might not be comfortable enough to keep compressed air in hand. Another convenient option is to plug into the electrical socket.

These types of wrenches can be either corded or cordless. Each of these has its pros and cons. Corded impact wrenches are usually light weight since there is no attached power supply and there will be continuous electricity supply, yet mobility can be easily limited by locating the electrical outlet to which the wrench is plugged.

    1. Hydraulics

It can generate a huge amount of torque. Hydraulic motors generate more power to the hydraulic impact wrenches. It’s quite difficult to find in anyone’s home or in any automobile shop since its power exceeds more than any professional requirements. They are widely used in construction sites and factories where there is need of huge amount of torque.

      • Shape and size of socket

Impact wrenches are mainly available in two shapes- pistol and inline. Pistol wrenches have a hammer and also anvil situated quite above the grip whereas inline wrenches look just similar to that of an oversized screwdriver with anvil and hammer situated at the front portion of the grip. There are wide varieties of socket sizes, which are designed in order to fit various sized bolts and nuts.

      • Torque

Regardless of socket size, shape and how does it generates power, the vital feature is how much amount of torque does the impact wrench produces. Most of the wrenches will allow you to choose between various torque settings which allow you to adjust the torque amount based on the job requirement. Torque settings are very much important since it avoids over tightening of bolts or loosening of bolts. This can make the machinery fail, which on the other hand can lead to serious consequences.

How does it work?

A cordless impact wrench is available in various sizes and shapes. Some of them are designed in the form of a screw driver, whereas some others are designed in the shape pistols. Regardless of its shape and size, their working criterion is the same.

Inside of every cordless impact wrenches there is a rotating mass. The motor builds energy by using a rotation of that mass. This, in turn, creates a huge amount of torque which can’t be produced by any human. The rotating mass resembles that of a hammer and the operator feels only a small amount of impact.

Apart from generating huge amount of torque, cordless impact wrenches are pretty much more precise than humans and thus makes it ideal for a number of applications. Hence, it’s pretty much safe to make use of this powerful tool for the purpose of securing bolts in the car wheel or while working on the construction sites. Albeit, all the impact wrenches function in the same way, yet they differ from others in term of socket size, shape amount of torque and power source.

Impact wrench mistakes

      • Over tightening of bolts and nuts

This is the most common issue experienced by amateurs who usually underestimate the amount of torque applied by the impact wrench. So, in order to ensure that nut and bolts are properly tightened, stripping of threads is necessary. An impact wrench is mainly designed to lose the fixings rather than tightening them. In fact, it is also pretty much useful for removal of fixings.

Over tightening of fixings can be a great issue if not now but at the later stages, even if there is no question of damage. Obviously, most of us would have experienced the issue of struggling to remove the wheel nut in order to change the tire which has been fitted by the mechanic using an impact wrench. If the bolts are tightened according to manufacturer specifications, then the nuts can be easily removed using hands or using a wrench.

If the fixings are tightened beyond the manufacturer requirements, then obviously there is a risk wherein the threads stretch by allowing the fixings to loosen tension and it can be dangerous. The most common issue faced is the stripped thread. In this case, the process of fixing the issue is time-consuming as well as expensive task. If the threads are not in a proper condition while tightening them, then it’s better to take a suggestion from experts.

In a nutshell, the best solution is to make use of an impact wrench for fixing and loosening nuts and bolts. Most manufacturers specify torque wrench for tightening them.

      • Buying wrong sockets and damaging the fixings

It’s quite common to see the people making use of ordinary sockets along with the impact wrench when they find that they begin to slip. Remember that ordinary sockets are not at all designed to use with a cyclic load so that they tend to wear quickly and thus become oversized and make them slip on the fixing. The impact wrench sockets are usually heavy in weight and prevent them from damaging, slipping and wearing off.

      • Damaging threads

The damaging threads are caused due to cross-threading the nut or the bolt before tightening it using an impact wrench. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is through ensuring that nut and bolts are correctly threaded by hand prior to making use of an impact wrench. Bear in mind that your hands will be pretty much sensitive than a torque limited cordless impact wrench.

In fact, this is very much essential while using aluminium or any other soft metal fixings since these get easily damaged because of cross threading. In case, if the fixing can’t be done easily with hands, then it requires little modification.

      • Purchasing the wrong size cordless impact wrench

Another most common mistake is purchasing wrong size cordless impact wrench. Obviously, it’s quite difficult to find out the exact impact wrench size. It can be too small or too large or it may not perform the task or may look awkward. One of the best rules is to consider in this regard is to find out the size of the fittings which can be used along with hand socket wrench.

At the next stage consider where actually you will be using this cordless impact wrench and for how many duration. For instance, let’s consider air impact wrench, it is quite smaller and has much greater capacity to weigh rather than a cordless wrench. Thus, makes it more suitable for using in restricted spaces for the longer duration of time. This makes cordless impact wrench as the perfect one for professional mechanics. However, a cordless impact wrench is considered as the best for both commercial as well as residential applications as there is no additional infrastructure required.

From the technical point of view, if you are aware of the torque required to release the largest fixing, then you need to check against the rating of the torque of the cordless impact wrench. Until the rating is pretty much greater than required torque, you will not be having any issues. While fixing the bolt you might have tightened it to a particular torque and torque, which is necessary to release, may be much greater. In such a scenario, consider torque rating up to 20% to 30% greater than required torque.

      • Purchasing the wrong type of impact wrench

People often do mistake by purchasing the wrong kind of cordless impact wrench. As mentioned earlier, each type of impact wrenches has its benefits and disadvantages based on its applications. While buying make it a point to consider battery indicator, torque limiter and extended warranty in order to get the right product for your task.

Cordless impact wrenches reviews

It’s quite simple to choose best cordless impact wrench within your budget. If you are planning to purchase via online, then it is suggested to buy through Amazon in order to avoid any sort of issues. Prior to buying make it a point to go through cordless impact wrench reviews, you can know about the customer opinion and then decide whether to buy the product or not.

These reviews will give a fact about the product in a straightforward and in an understandable way. Choose the one that suits you based on the customer reviews who already own a particular type of impact wrench.

How much do you have to pay for a cordless impact wrench?

If you are ready to invest in cordless wrench impact, then you might be thinking of how much should you spend on this equipment. Similar to other powerful tools which are available on the market in the current scenario, more of the cordless impact wrenches are available in different voltage levels in order to provide power when you want to make use of it. So, it’s quite difficult to say about how much amount you need to spend without knowing how much power you will actually need and for what purpose you are going to make use of this tool.

The maximum voltage available with an impact cordless wrench is 36V. This particular level of voltage is quite powerful and also, one of the best options for those wants to work on machines or at construction places and so on. A voltage of this particular level is quite difficult for a novice to handle, it can cause bolts stripping and breaking of things that you are working on. If you are looking for a 36volts cordless impact wrench, then you may have to pay about $250 to $ 1000 for it.

The difference in the cost has a lot to do with product brand. So, when it comes to the matter of buying these tools, the brand name lasts for a longer duration of time. While choosing some of the best cordless impact wrenches within your budget will need you to compare with various wrenches available. It’s not compulsory to spend thousands of dollars in order to buy a good wrench. Set up your own budget and choose the best one for your needs.

Limitless uses of cordless impact wrench

The cordless impact wrench has a lot of benefits to offer. When you are buying a cordless impact wrench, you are actually buying the most powerful tool, worth investment, and cost effective tool. Most of the equipments are durable enough and do come with lifetime warranty.

A cordless impact wrench is used in equipment repair, heavy machinery and in the construction industry or any working place which require more amount of physical strength to be exerted. Hence, it is widely used in automotive industry. It is suitable for both residential as well as for commercial applications. Since it is available handy, it is ideal for travel purpose and also adaptable to the various working environment, even which don’t have an electrical power outlet.

Other such devices need an air compressor to operate efficiently, but you will never encounter such an issue or inconvenience with a cordless impact wrench. At times, it’s quite difficult to get a power supply at some places. In such a scenario, it’s essential to have this tool kit with you.

Another major benefit is, it will make your working area pretty much safer for all those who are working around. This is mainly because this tool doesn’t have any long cords associated with it which can lead serious electrical injury to a person. This little machine doesn’t need any electrical components or air compressor in order to operate. Nowadays, this is one of the most commonly operated tools and people keep it by their side always. It’s because even when other tools stop working, but still the cordless impact wrench will never allow you to fall down even during emergency conditions. The cost of this equipment is affordable and lasts for decades together.

Where to buy cordless impact wrenches?

Nowadays, most of the hardware stores generally store cordless impact wrenches. It doesn’t matter which size and shape of impact wrench you need which is available in brick and mortar shop, but the thing there should be employees to explain its features to the customer and provide a suggestion regarding which type of wrench suit buyer the best.

Those who are searching for a wide range of impact wrenches, and then it’s better to move ahead towards online retailers. Most of the online retailers have larger stocks than any brick and mortar retailers and customers can make a purchase their required product at any instance of time and can get their ordered item at their door steps.

Those who wish to buy impact cordless wrenches; the best place is to search via online classified ads armed with a handful of websites for your guidance. Though there is every chance of getting good bargains from online sites, choosing a suitable product can be either a miss or great hit. The buyers have to keep patience in searching what they actually need. Online sellers are generally not professionals, so the purchasers have to do their own homework prior to purchasing.

All those who are in search of a good cordless impact wrench, now it’s time to find something better via online. In this regard, there are great numbers of rechargeable cordless impact wrench which just not only make your project faster and efficient, but also provides unlimited hours of help and eases the work of the people.

How to buy a cordless impact wrench from Amazon

Amazon offers a wide range of selection of impact wrenches. It’s quite easy to sort out the stock of cordless impact wrenches to find the one which you need. Most of the sellers offer free product shipping and help you to save your precious money on buying.

Official website of Amazon displays all the cordless impact wrenches that are for sale. You can narrow your search by looking for particular features. For instance, if you need ½ an inch wrench socket, then you need to enter “1/2 “, similarly for other requirements as well. Enter your requirement in the search bar.

Another advantage of buying impact wrenches via online is you can easily find sellers offering free shipping. To find such sellers, you need to choose free shipping option which shows free sellers option and saves your money on the purchase. On arrival of the product, make it a point to check whether the product has arrived in good condition or not.


To relate with other power tools like drills and other such machines, the impact wrenches are pretty much specialized when it comes to application. The presence of large bolts doesn’t need any fixing or removing just like that of small screws when you have to perform these operations, an impact wrench can save both physical energies as well as mental energy.

They perform tasks accurately rather than any manually operated tools can do. Accuracy matters a lot while working with larger bolts. Albeit impact wrenches perform the same function from one model to another model, there is a sort of variation when it comes to the main features of the power tools.

This detailed buying guide show, how the features can vary among different models including power supply, the amount of torque and socket size and shape. Provided with this detailed information, the buyers can take an educative decision about which type of cordless impact wrenches do they need to accomplish their task.

So, next time when you start with your big project, either at your workplace or in your backyard, makes it a point to leave all your drill equipment and grab cordless impact wrench. Definitely, your arm will thank you at the end of the day and make your feel relaxed than before.

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